Trial Information

The Trial Information is a document drafted by the prosecutor of the jurisdiction in which the charges are brought. The document will be signed by the prosecutor and approved by the judge.

The document will list the exact charges, by statute, that are being pursued against the defendant. The Trial Information must also list all witnesses that the prosecutor will use against the defendant at trial, and the minutes of testimony of each witness. The occupations and addresses of all witnesses will be listed as well.

The Trial Information is an important step of the process, as it informs the defendant and his attorney of the exact nature of the charges against him.

Finally, the Trial Information will include the date of Arraignment, which is the next step in the criminal procedure.

At this point in the criminal procedure, it is important for a defendant to speak with his lawyer. The lawyer can review the Trial Information for any errors, and take steps to prepare the defendant’s Arraignment prior to the next court date.