Deferred Judgments

A deferred judgment is a sentencing outcome we can use to help you keep your criminal record free of convictions, allow you to avoid jail time, and ultimately have the public court files expunged from your record.

Most deferred judgments are similar to “court supervision” in other states. For many misdemeanor offenses, the Court will set a series of guidelines that must be followed in order to have the case successfully discharged. The guidelines may include avoiding all future criminal charges for the period of probation, payment of fines and supervision fees, community service, a substance abuse evaluation, substance abuse or driving classes, and random urinalyses. A probation officer may even be assigned for serious offenses.

After a period of probation lasting from six months to three years, the Court’s judgment decision is no longer “deferred,” and the case is discharged and public file expunged.

A deferred judgment is the only way to expunge a criminal charge in Iowa (aside from PAULA and Public Intoxication charges, for which the legislature has made a special exception). Therefore, it is very important that you receive a deferred judgment at the time of sentencing.

We have negotiated hundreds of deferred judgments for my clients’ cases. Mr. Thompson will work to keep the terms of the probation as simple as possible, as short as possible, and with as few restrictions as possible.

If you have a pending criminal case in Iowa City, please contact us. Mr. Thompson will review your case to determine if a deferred judgment is the best possible outcome for you. All consultations are free, we will only ask for a fee if you decide to hire us for your defense. Contact us at 319 820-0482.