Drug Charges

Drug Charges are handled differently in Iowa City than in any other county in the State of Iowa. If charged with drug possession, intent to distribute, keeping a drug house, paraphernalia, give us a call.


An Operating While Intoxicated / DUI charge requires an attorney that is experienced with the local criminal court and with the Iowa Department of Transportation. With our experienced, aggressive approach we will minimize the effect this charge has on your future.

Possession of Fictitious ID

Possession of Fictitious ID is a common charge at the University of Iowa, and our extremely focused criminal law practice has experience handling these charges.

Recent Client Testimonials

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Experience and Specialization

We Only Take Criminal Cases

Unlike other law firms, our firm only practices criminal defense. 100%. With well over 1,000 appearances in criminal court, this means more expertise, more experience.

Unmatched Reputation

Thompson Law Office has represented over one thousand clients with local criminal charges. Our testimonials speak to the level of care we provide. Mr. Thompson has received personal referrals from employees with the Johnson County Clerk of Court, University of Iowa College of Law, and even the Johnson County Attorney’s Office.

Focus on Drugs and Alcohol

The majority of our caseload involves drugs or alcohol. This provides an even more elite level of focus and experience.

National Attention. Local Expertise.

Attorney Mark Thompson was linked by the national news service The Huffington Post for his article “In Defense of Vodka Samm,” regarding a University of Iowa student who ran into trouble with the law. He was later thanked by the family and the student for his accurate analysis of the case. He has also been contacted for opinion and interview by the local news agencies for his expertise on criminal law issues.